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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Do You Know How to Spot a Hidden Camera?

Do You Know How to Spot a Hidden Camera?

Years ago, it was quite easy to spot a "hidden" security camera. Although the owner might try to hide it behind something, its large and bulky design made this difficult. However, due to the tiny size of today's hidden cameras, they can be hidden in almost anything, from a picture frame to a teddy bear. If you don't know that the camera is there, how can you spot them?

Today, many versions of hidden or "spy" cameras are wireless. With previous versions of these small surveillance cameras, a wire would still be needed to go from the recorder and power supply to the camera itself. No matter how small the camera was, the wire could still be detected. Not anymore! A wireless hidden camera is virtually impossible to detect unless you know exactly where to look. When you get up close, you might see a tiny hole in the object, through which the lens of the camera peers. However, with so many objects in your typical room, it's essentially impossible to catch such a camera, even if you do think that there is one somewhere in the room.

If you think there is one, and you're trying to find it, your first step is to consider the potential hiding spaces. Remember, the camera will need a clear line of sight from wherever it's located to wherever the activity being recorded is taking place. Now, consider the potential areas where such a camera could be positioned to give it the correct view. Try this exercise in your living room - how many different places can you count where you could hide a hidden camera in that one room alone?

With the prices for hidden cameras dropping each year, making such equipment very affordable, anyone can install a hidden camera. These devices make an excellent choice for your living room, your office, or anywhere else where you'd like to watch activities without anyone knowing they are being watched. Hidden cameras are a great way to watch your employees or the nanny as they go about their daily activities.

There are however, some areas where it would be beneficial to have a large and immediately obvious security camera. Smaller isn't always better. Take, for example, theft prevention cameras in retail locations. A hidden camera would record the theft, just as a regular-style surveillance camera, but because the perpetrator has no idea they are being recorded, the camera won't stop them from taking your merchandise. Likewise, a hidden camera outside the front door of your home won't stop someone from breaking in, even though it will provide evidence that you can turn over to the police. In both of these situations, a dome camera or even a dummy security camera might be the better option, because they provide a visual deterrent for crime, theft, and other activities.

Still, there are many great ways to use a hidden camera inside your home, office, or business. Once such a camera is installed, it will be virtually undetectable by anyone in the area, unless they already know precisely where to look. Thanks to the small size of today's hidden cameras, the placement options are nearly endless.

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