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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spy Cameras - How to Use the Wall Clock Spy Camera With DVR

Spy Cameras - How to Use the Wall Clock Spy Camera With DVR

Price competition and huge advances in technology are two reasons for the big increases in usage of spy cameras. They are used for many reasons all based on someone doing something they shouldn't be doing. Home security, business security, stealing, cheating on a spouse, abuse of a spouse or child are all common reasons to have a hidden camera.

"Hidden spy cameras are board cameras mounted inside a household or office object-the more common the better. They have office, business and home applications. "

"Spy cameras, wireless cameras, and video cameras are all ways of finding out what is going on when you can's be there. The wall clock spy cam with DVR built in is a good example of a hidden camera and hidden DVR. "

This wall clock spy cam has a DVR hidden and camera inside. Here's how to use it.

1. Plug-it into a wall outlet.

2. Aim-the clock in the direction you want to record.

3. Test it first.

4. Record.

5. Playback-by inserting the SD card into your computer's SD card reader.

These hidden cameras use motion activated recording, scheduled recording and have a date/time stamp on the video. Up to 144 hours of recording time is available depending on the settings you select.

The wall clock camera with DVR is easy to use and setup. Step by step instructions come with the camera and world class customer support is always available if there are any questions or problems.

Did you know that all of these cameras are custom made and tested before delivery to further insure your satisfaction?

Find out what is going on at your home, office or business when you can't be there. The Wall ClockDVR Hidden Camera is the answer. There are many other Hidden Cameras to choose from too-50 in all. When are you getting one?

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