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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Outsmarting Burglars With Dummy Security Cameras

Outsmarting Burglars With Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras in appearance look exactly like a real, functioning security cameras. Many homeowners use these as a means to prevent crime or theft on their property. Even though when you look at this piece of equipment you can not tell the difference between one that works and one that doesn't, many experts debate the effectiveness of these cameras.

One of the most common reasons homeowners will choose a fake camera over a functioning one is the price. Dummy cameras are a lot cheaper than real camera security systems. They are easier to install and do not need any regular maintenance. On the other hand, real security cameras need extensive setup and often require maintenance.

The conversation regarding the effectiveness of these cameras centers on whether or not they really work. Some experts will say that the presence of a camera will make a thief have second thoughts about pursuing a particular property. On the other hand, some experts say that seasoned thieves know how to identify a dummy camera which makes them useless.

If you are considering the purchase of a dummy camera as opposed to a real system, there are several factors for you to consider. For instance, check out how much you really will be saving by opting for the dummy camera and not the real system, and is it worth it? What are you trying to protect?

One common aspect in dummy cameras is a certain flashing light located at the front of the camera. The light is there to give off the idea that a security camera is in place. Keep in mind that most real systems do not include this light. Due to this fact many security professionals will advise against buying a dummy camera with this feature.

Another tip-off for a thief of a fake system is the presence of only one wire coming out of the base box. This is because a real system will need at least two wires to function. A real system will need one cable for power and another cable to connect the system to a recorder or other monitoring systems.

Fake moving cameras may even be easier to spot. This is because if someone passes in front of the camera and it keeps it repetitive motions a thief will know it's fake. This is because a real security camera will have a motion detector which will follow a moving object.

If you are planning on buying a dummy camera there are steps you can take to ensure that it looks as real as possible. A camera with an actual lens helps. Also look for metal casings instead of plastic. Also make sure to have a company logo or seal on the casing as well as multiple wires. Many professionals will also advise the use of security signs on the property in addition to these cameras as well.

In the end, as a home or business owner trying to protect your property weigh the options of dummy security cameras. They may cause doubt in the mind of a potential burglar, but they may not deter professional thieves. Keep in mind what you are trying to protect and whether or not it is worth saving the money on security.

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