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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Home Security Cameras - What Are Your Options?

Home Security Cameras - What Are Your Options?

Thinking about getting home security cameras? More people are choosing to get some form of home security these days as times get harder and criminals get more aggressive.

Home security camera systems come in many shapes and sizes. You have several options when choosing to install a surveillance system like this. Here are some of your basic options.

Wired or Wireless?

One of the first questions you have to ask is whether you want wired or wireless home security cameras. The majority of cameras operate on batteries or through a power source (wireless) or via electrical wires (wired).

Wired security cameras never fail due to dead batteries. And there's no chance of interference from other wireless devices like cell phones or internet. However, wireless security cameras may continue to operate during a power failure if they have a battery backup. Plus they are a lot more flexible in terms of where they can be placed. And you can often take them with you if you sell your home.

One downside to most wireless systems however is that they are usually limited in the number of cameras they can support.

Both outdoor and indoor security cameras often have a motion sensor option. This means they start recording in response to any motion detected.

DIY or Expert Installation?

You also have the option of installing the security cameras yourself or getting an expert to install them for you. Many people prefer to install cameras themselves. This can save you money and you have more control over where the cameras are placed.

However if the system installation is going to be complex (i.e. several wired cameras, large monitoring area), you'll probably want to consult an expert.

Other Options

You have several other important options when choosing to stall a security camera system. For example, do you want outdoor and indoor cameras or just indoor cameras? Having both is probably the best option if you're concerned about home security (vs monitoring a nanny or elderly patient caregiver).

Outdoor cameras are a little more rugged than indoor cameras and can be your first line of defense against an intruder. You'll at least want to place an outdoor camera to monitor your front door. Other people like to place them at entrance points like the garage, side door, back door or scanning out to your driveway.

Another feature to be aware of is resolution. Obviously the higher the resolution, the more expensive the system. However, since the main point is to be able to see who's at your door or in your home, a higher resolution is best. Also, keep in mind that the monitor has to be able to read the resolution of your camera.

Anoother thing to consider is the transmission range (how far the camera sees) and the angle range (how wide the camera sees). You want to make sure your full area is properly covered.

Finally there's the option of digital vs analog cameras. Many cameras today are digital. Digital cameras offer more flexibility as to how and when the cameras record. Analog cameras record to time lapse VCRs while DVRs (digital video recorder) record to a standalone computer hard drive or to your personal computer (IP based). DVRs can record and store or record and transmit pictures in real time.

The DVR camera systems that are IP based are easy to expand by adding additional cameras. The standalone systems are more difficult to expand.

While you can often buy home security cameras on their own, it's probably better to buy them as a system so that you know all the components were designed to work properly together.

So those are some of your options when choosing a home security camera system. Take your time, do your research and find the system that gives you enough protection for your home and family.

Chris Winters writes for Home Security Systems a site giving you the ins and outs of how to best protect your home.

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